We’re Home!


We’re here! Notice the shiny new digs? Soon there will be a button for Diggs. Not only that, but there will be a place to Stumble stuff you like. Speaking of stumbling stuff, have you tripped over all those categories yet? Those are a holdover from the Wordpress.com days when “categories” were the same as “tags.” I’ll get all that cleaned up in a bit.

There’s sooooo much coolness going on right now. I can hardly wait to share it. For starters, this site—mousewords.net—will be the “Home” location. Here you can find my blog, with posts about inspiration, social media, and general topics.

And that’s not all! If you look on the sidebar, you’ll see a link to “Art of mousewords.” There, my artwork has its own subdomain, where I am free to highlight and explore the many facets of this side of me. Right now it looks like a doppelganger of this site, since I imported the same posts. I’ll get them sifted in a bit. When it’s finished, the site will have a gallery, special features, and daily art posts. Cool, yes?

But wait! There’s more!

And this, for me, is the most exciting of all. The reason my blog is so behind in posts is because I’ve been focused on finishing The Rosewood House, my mystery novel collaboration with my sister Stacy J-M Taylor. Until it hits print this Holiday Season, my writing blog will be dedicated to the “making of” process. I am also posting rough chapters of Aftermath, my War of the Worlds 2.0 story-in-progress. I welcome you to stop by!

Please feel free to subscribe to this blog now and watch for the good things to come. (I’m pretty sure that link will still work. If you don’t hear from me in a few days, send help.!..uh, I mean…check back here.)

Thank you for visiting our new home. I look forward to getting to know you!


4 Responses to “We’re Home!”

  1. Hey you! Congratulations on having “The Rosewood House” hit print!!! :-) I’m sure you’re really excited about that! And busy for sure…

    Anyway, subscribed to the site and will be sure to drop by and visit. I’ll stop by and pull you back in every now and then…

  2. It was great to get some tips from you last night! Thanks for modeling exactly what I want to do in the future - keep on trucking on your novel, sounds like you’re almost done! Can’t wait to celebrate with you when its finished and in print :)

  3. Hey girl,
    You were hard to find. I’ve been trying to find my eBay artist buddies blogs. Glad I found you. I hope you and your family are feeling well. I’m putting a link to this blog on mine, okay?

  4. Mouse! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I had to track you down again. Very nice site you have. I love your pencil work - always have.

    Congrats on the book! I am so impressed with that process and those that can do it!

    Don’t be a stranger! Lynne

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