The Scar Alliance

TwitterTales…the creation of writer @seamusspeaks…a complete short story in one month, one Twitter post a day, 140 characters at a time. Not as easy as it sounds, and it doesn’t sound easy. But fun? Most certainly.

@Seamusspeaks invited me to participate last December–I came on board 4 days late, which led to the title of my first TwitterTale…“Four Days Late.” It began the story of Lady Marian of the Barony, as she struggles to find her lost family. Little did I know what writing a TwitterTale would be like–I had visions of completing a novel in less than 30 days. Heh heh. Not happening. December’s Tale was rather rushed at the ending, as I ran out of days.

But I was ready for January. I wrote the whole month’s Tale in one sitting, and posted one segment every day (unless I forgot, ahem). And I am continuing the saga each month.

But as it might be hard to find the Tales in the mountain of my Twitter Blither, I’m posting them in their entirety, to date, here on my blog. I’ll add every day’s post until the month’s story is done.

So whether you follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my blog, I welcome you to check back daily for the latest part of the adventure!

And stay tuned…


The Scar Alliance

TTc:01 Lady Marian of the Barony stood in the snow trying to warm her hands over a fire. A mere day before she could have married a King.

TTc:02 Mari looked at her friends: Rob, Nobleman Knight & Ed, wily horseman, & was glad she said no to a King, though it made her an outlaw.

TTc:03 She was born woodland peasant, & now searched for her missing people as a fine Lady; but felt like she had failed them & risked lives.

TTc:04 “Why so sad, Milady?” Rob asked kindly. A Lord himself, he treated her as royalty. Her head bowed “My mistakes have made you outlaws”

TTc:05 “We are not lost yet” he said taking her hand. Mari felt a flood of feeling, relief? Shy, she asked “How so?” Rob grinned shrewdly.

TTc:06 “Since we are already outlaws we may join Scar” he stated. Mari gasped. Ed snorted “My friend, did thou strike thy head and go daft?”

TTc:07 “Scar, the outlaw king! It’s he I fear struck my camp!” Mari cried. Rob smiled “Then he would have answers, would he not? Let’s go.”

TTc:08 They rode, deep into the woods. Rob led to a thicket sheltered by hills. They saw fires, camps. Ed, amazed, asked “How did you know?”

TTc:09 With a canny glance Rob said “I saw much at war & made odd allies. Trust me” Ed shrugged “So much for life, t’was good while lasted.”

TTc:10 Mari, wild born, stood atop a hill & gazed below. Eerie moonlight bathed the camp, illuminating banners she knew too well…Scar’s.

TTc:11The three descended. Ragtag tents & scrappy provisions contrasted to Mari’s home camp. Yet now she sympathized, for she was an outlaw.

TTc:12 Suddenly the night erupted in sound. Shouts and clang of metal filled the air as the outlaws spied intruders and reached for weapons.

TTc:13 Torches flared & men swarmed around them. Mari’s horse reared; she calmed it, heard Rob’s voice call out “Stand fast! We are allies!”

TTc:14 Amid the clamor a dark form burst from one of the tents. Tall, thin, ragged, yet swift & strong of movement. Mari saw a glint of eyes

TTc:15 A burning gaze, mad yet canny. He moved within the torchlight, fixed eyes on Rob. “Yours is a voice I dread, yet welcome. Am I dead?”

TTc:16 Shocked, Mari & Ed studied the man. His gaunt, whiskered face bore a long scar down one cheek–revealing his identity as Outlaw Lord

TTc:17 “Not dead yet” Rob intoned “Your location is safe for now. Safety & your knowledge of the lands has drawn us here. We need your help”

TTc:18 Mari studied the knight; clearly he knew Scar. How did a nobleman war hero come to know an outlaw lord? Scar relaxed & nodded. “Come”

TTc:19 Scar’s tent was no less ragged. Rob asked “Times hard?” Scar’s wild eyes turned hunted “The Duc’s army sweeps like a plague over all”

TTd:20 Scar eyed the 3 guests “What brings nobility to this pit?” “A search” said Rob “for lost vassals of the Barony” Scar laughed hoarsely

TTd:21 “Those lost in this hell of land are lost forever” he sneered. But Marian’s face caught his eye.She answered the unasked: “My people”

TTd:22 Scar’s gaze fixed on Mari’s face. Rob asked “Have you news of the Barony camp?” After silence, Scar replied “None that will please.”

TTd:23 “Duc dLorrimer raided the Barony camp a fortnight ago. The reason escapes me.” Scar saw Mari’s face pale “Though I suspect you know”

TTd:24 “Power” Rob answered “Lady Marian is the Baroness’ confidante. And that” noting Scar’s sharp glance “is to be kept secret” Scar smiled

TTd:25“Can you not trust me old friend?” “No.” “Very wise of you.” “What became of the camp?”Rob asked keenly. Scar shrugged “Dead, enslaved”


To be continued…


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