This Day’s Race - Day Seven


Day Seven of the 2008 Southern Cross Novel Challenge. Inspired by the Belmont Race, I realize…some days, it’s just not your day.

It was really not my day for videography–took me five hours to get this one uploaded. But I learned a lot, so that was good. Oh, and keep watching even after the picture freezes–it doesn’t end when you think it does. ;-)




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  1. *chuckle* “… even the computer.” :-)
    Thanks for this uplifting reminder. It’s the same in sculpting too. Sometimes you’re on your game, it’s smooth sailing, and whatever other metaphor means “things are going well.” :-) And some days, you just need to put down the clay and back away, before you throw it against the wall. There are times when I need to pick up a coloring book and crayons instead, and just let myself play like a kid. There are times when I create an ugly stepchild — I just can’t bring myself to like what I’ve made. But I can look back at all the pictures of the pieces that I’ve really loved, and say, “Yeah, I really am a good sculptor. Just not today.” :-)

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