The End, the Beginning


It’s July 1st, the end of the 2008 Southern Cross Novel Challenge to write 50 thousand words of fiction in June. So…did I do it?




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  1. post it

  2. Congratulations!! You should be very proud of what you’ve accomplished. I know that I am. :)

  3. Thank you! :-D

  4. Nice work. I have tried writing challenges like that in the past and never met the goal. It helps to hear from someone who has. Glad I found you via Twitter, looking forward to reading that first chapter.

  5. Thank you! I’m polishing it up now, and looking forward to posting soon!

  6. So…

    …Congratulations! You did it!!! I could see the relief and the journey was pretty cool (hey, I saw the videos. Awesome way to track your journey). Which reminds me, how was spelunking? I saw Batman Begins the other day; don’t know how that’s relevant but I saw it :-)

  7. Lol, it’s relevant! Didn’t Bruce Wayne say he wanted the body armor and gear for “spelunking”? ;-)
    Here’s the full story on my own ’spelunking’ experience—no caves, and no bats–but still cool. :-)

  8. Yea he did say that :-)
    No caves…no bats? How about the cool suit?

  9. I wish. :-) I did have a sweatshirt that had piratey crossbones on it… ;-)

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