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Able Was I, Ere I Saw…Oooh, Shiny

    Distractions. You know what they are? A mar on a panorama. A panorama of productivity, aglow with embers of ideas that are fanned into a flame by motivation. It can be a beautiful sight—unless our attention is diverted … Continue reading

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Going the Extra Mile

    I was feeling a bit burned out one Sunday. On an impulse, I decided to visit a local nursery. I had never been there before, even though I had seen its gates from the road many times. I … Continue reading

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Have Confidence in You!

  Soaring by StacyJMT, originally uploaded by StacyJMT.   In The Sound of Music, Julie Andrews’ character sang a rousing pep-talk to herself in an effort to boost her self-confidence. We can do the same. Taking a cue from the … Continue reading

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Strike That–eBay Sellers Protest Unfair New Policies

  Monday marked the beginning of an unusual protest. eBay sellers are on strike. The recent announcement of upcoming changes to eBay fees, feedback, and searches came on the heels of a year fraught with seller dissatisfaction, and has proved … Continue reading

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