The Sound of Music - Day Nine


Day Nine of SoCNoC–did I write anything yesterday? Maybe I just followed the beat of a different drummer…




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  1. Hey there!! Man, I can relate here… In college there was nothing like some great music to get the creative juices flowing for those term papers (sounds quite counter-productive but really it wasn’t. It got me motivated ya know…I think you do).

    Anyway, glad you’re finding that space that makes the creativity come out. It’s hard to reach that point with “life” in the way. But when you get there it’s pretty awesome (to say the least). Anyway, I hope you’re in that moment more often than not as you move closer towards finishing the novel :-D

  2. great vlog! okay now im curious…what music inspires you?

  3. @Ricardo Totally true! Tapping into the creative side of the brain is a great moment. And I’m just realizing that sometimes, I’ve been using the logical side of my brain all day, which is what makes it difficult to get into the “writing mode.” If I take a few minutes to cater to my creative side, it works!

    @Laura Thank you! Lots of music inspires me–usually I have one or two soundtracks/albums for each project I’m working on. That way, when I listen to that music, I’m immediately taken back into the world of my novel. For this book, I’m listening to the Newsboys “Go” album, and Lord of the Rings ‘Return of the King” soundtrack for more pensive/dramatic moments. :-)

  4. It’s nice to *see* you mousewords! It’s great to hear about how you’re going. I loved the Viddler group that NaNo had going with participants video-blogger their progress so this is really exciting.

  5. Thank you! And good luck to you, too, on the SoCNoC challenge!

  6. It is great to see ya! I have to agree with Kerryn, it’s so cool seeing someone vlogging about SoCNoC and awesome to hear that you’re doing so well with the challenge. I’ve been watching for a few days now and finally thought I would comment too :-)

  7. That is some challenge you have taken on! Kudos to you and the other writers who are in this SoCNoC. I couldn’t keep up the pace so it’s great to hear that you are going through the motions and I think staying up till 5am is a little over the top. Sleep is over-rated but you do need rest on occassion!! Nice to *see* you too. Keep up the vlogs!

  8. Thanks, Ange! And yes, lol, sleep is necessary, if a bit over-rated. ;-)

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