Series Two

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Project Mermaid: Week Two

The challenge was “Baubles and Beads.” Designers were to create fashion jewelry for their mermaid models!


Undersea Times, December 20, 2007: Designers and models alike have put up with a week filled with unexpected delays…and even dangers!

Technical difficulties prompted the rescheduling of the show to Thursdays, instead of Tuesdays, throwing the designers off balance. And speaking of off-balance, a towering prop collapsed during rehearsals, striking teen mermodel Raine in the shoulder! Mermodel Andrea narrowly escaped the same fate, and showed great competitive spirit by hurrying to help her rival. The young fish-ion model, though bruised and shaken, was able to pull herself together for the debut of Series Two that evening. She swam out on stage to a round of applause from a supportive audience!

But after that, the teen’s momentary spotlight disappeared, and the show was all business—high fashion and fast-paced competition! All four teams clearly remembered that the title of “Champion” is at stake!


Project Mermaid: Week Two–Shake That Booty was the winner!


Starry Night


Starry Night (c) mousewords


Propelled by a disappointing last-place finish in the votes last week, designer Sasha and her teammate Andrea are back with attitude! Since her simple Week One design didn’t get off the surface, Sasha is aiming for the stars with her latest challenge! She has bedecked gorgeous Andrea in sparkling sea stars of all colors and shapes. And despite the fact that she narrowly avoided injury in an accident during rehearsal, fiery-haired Andrea hits the stage with heavenly poise!

UPDATE: With the help of late holiday votes, Sasha and Andrea pulled away from a three-way tie to claim second place in this challenge. From last to second is not a bad move at all, and this team is ready for the next challenge!


Shake That Booty


Shake That Booty (c) mousewords


Latecomer designer Sharky and his gorgeous mermodel teammate Carmen are back for Week Two, and have seized this challenge with style! Sharky has plundered a sunken ship to drape Carmen in dazzling golden coins and other prized booty of the human world—and they’re eager to sail into first place!

UPDATE: Sharky and Carmen sailed away with first place in this challenge! With the wind in their sails, they’re aiming for next week!


She Saw Sea Shells


She Saw Sea Shells (c) mousewords


Young designer Coralie and her teammate, teen mermodel Raine, are back for Week Two! Coming off an impressive second-place finish in Week One’s challenge, the designer decided to stay with what worked for her—sea shells! She has bedecked gorgeous Raine in glittering shell jewelry that she thinks shines with the spirit of the sea!

Overcoming a harrowing accident during rehearsal that left her with a bruise on her left shoulder, spunky Raine does some shining herself, and hopes to help her team see first place!

UPDATE: The harrowing events during this challenge, together with a tie for last place, have knocked some of the confidence out of this youthful team; but Coralie is determined to succeed, and may lead the way next time!


Earthly Treasures


Earthly Treasures (c) mousewords


Week One winners Clay and Penelope have hit the stage for their second challenge, and mean to keep their advantage! Designer Clay is feeling a mite attracted to his gorgeous teammate, and may be letting that influence his creations. He’s adorned the mermodel with sea denizens’ most priceless treasures—flowers from land. And Penelope just seems to blossom in his designs!

UPDATE: Clay and Penelope, tying for last place in this challenge, are thinking that maybe flowers aren’t in season. But while rumors are blooming of a possible romance between these two, Clay’s ideas for the next challenge are growing!


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