Series One

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Project Mermaid: Week One’s challenge was “Found Objects.” Designers needed to use what they could find under the sea! Here are the four designs:


Caught Looking Fabulous

Winner of Week One’s Challenge!



With “Caught Looking Fabulous,” fresh new designer Clay “found” what he thinks is a better use for fishing nets. And he’s also thinking that he’s found a real “catch” in gorgeous mermodel Penelope!

REVIEW:Clay’s competitive spirit is strong, and he’s fully intending to keep first place for his team. But he’s finding his thinking is a tad foggy whenever Penelope comes close…


Pearls Before Swim



With “Pearls Before Swim,” up-and-coming young designer Coralie was “banking” on the thought that voters would swim up and take notice of the priceless pearls that cover her creation. And she’s found a gem of a teammate in gorgeous teen mermodel Raine!

REVIEW: The young newcomers are totally excited that they came in second for Series One. Coralie is wondering if she should play it safe in her next design and stick with what’s working…


Coral Fire



With “Coral Fire,” tropical designer Sharky “found” inspiration in the coral reefs that surround his home. He was hoping the competition would burn out when faced with gorgeous mermodel Carmen as she sported his sparkling creation!

REVIEW:Far from being disappointed with third place, Sharky is happy they didn’t come in last. His was the last team to make the cut, so he didn’t have much time to prepare. His thoughts are already on fire with ideas for the coming weeks…


Sea Wed



With “Sea Wed,” poetic designer Sasha wanted to express the merfolk’s intertwining connection to the sea with her sparkling seaweed creation. She also thought the design’s elegant simplicity combined with mermodel Andrea’s stunning beauty made for pure poetry!

REVIEW: Since her design came in last in the polls, Sasha is wondering if she needs to rethink her angle. Maybe simplicity is not the way to go…



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