And God Spoke through Peacocks and a Cable Guy…


Peacock Blue by StacyJMT


As I awoke this morning, my thoughts filled with a certain dream of mine. Not the singing-the-National-Anthem at-a-Dodgers-game in-your-skivvies kind of dream. The goal-in-your-heart kind of dream. The one that fills your waking hours, and sometimes seems as unlikely to occur as the Nation Anthem solo.

This was a morning when the dream seemed far from being achieved…mostly because of my own shortcomings, as I see them. It can take a long time to wait for a dream. After a while, waiting becomes the status quo; and it begins to seem as if the dream will never be anything more than its name.

I turned over to take up my Bible for morning meditation. As I did, my eyes fell on a Dasani water bottle on my nightstand. Sunlight filtered through the semi-transparent label, catching my attention with a beautiful blue-green color. I had a passing thought that it would be a lovely color to use in one of my art pieces; then picked up my Bible, said a prayer, and opened to a random page.

Nothing is ever random in God’s universe. I found myself looking at Ezekiel 39:8: “It is coming! It will surely take place, declares the Sovereign Lord. This is the day I have spoken of.”

A little ripple of shock, followed by excitement, went through my heart. The Lord had heard me, and was telling me that my dream would come true. It reminded me of the Daily Word devotional for this date–”With God, all things are possible.” Even if I couldn’t see how.

So I arose and went about my day. Who knows—maybe, somewhere ocean-deep in my heart, I didn’t really believe my dream would come true. In any case, God must have thought I needed a clearer message. So He sent me peacocks.

Peacocks. Four of them.

I live in the Central California coast—like, in a condo, in the middle of an area that has streets, industry, homes. No zoos. No aviaries. The wildest bird I’ve ever seen here was a white dove.

But today there were four magnificent peacocks taking a leisurely stroll across the deck outside my window. All I could do was stare at them. Peacocks.

With beautiful Dasani-blue feathers.

I watched them, bemusedly, till they disappeared. Who knows where they came from or where they went.

A few minutes later, a cable guy knocked on the door. On a Saturday. And we don’t have cable. However, our DSL is coming up for renewal, and we’ve been thinking of changing to cable. That has been my job, to research the services, and discover which company and which plan would give me the bandwidth speed I need for video conferences. I’ve been distracted with this—I’ve been fretting about it, trying to figure it out, worrying that I wouldn’t get it done in time, doubting that it was even possible to get faster internet where we live.

Suddenly, there was the cable guy on my doorstep. He gave us a flyer that had every plan we could possibly need on it. Told us that they would be installing cable in other condos around us next week. Mentioned that there were no contracts to worry about, no installation fees, no prime-time slowdowns of service. Just effectively answered every one of my questions, dispelled my worries, and took the matter out of my hands, giving me exactly what I hoped for.

Peacocks and a cable guy.

When something that unusual happens, I can’t help thinking that there must be a reason. Within moments, it sank in.

With God, all things are possible.

I may think this dream of mine is way out there, too impossible to come true. But so are peacocks in a condo complex. I may think I need to work extra hard, earn my dream, be worthy enough before it can come true—do a whole litany of tasks before I can have what I want. When all along it’s really a gift of God’s grace, which He will lay on my doorstep at exactly…the right…moment.

Dasani blue. Whenever I see it, I’ll think of peacocks, a cable guy, and God’s clear, eclectic voice speaking to me on a sunny Saturday.

With God, anything’s possible.

Even the unlikely.


Photography by Stacy J-M Taylor


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  1. Passion makes dreams become realities! It’s not the Ivy League school you went to, the internships that you’ve attended, or how much money you have. It’s all about the Passion you have for what you do, for what you believe in. If you’re passionate about something, then people will know it. They can see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice, and you feel it in your heart. Your dreams will soon be reality, I can read it in your words and others will too :)

  2. wow. That is one darned powerful post! Cheers to a beautiful day.

  3. Between peacocks and the cable guy, this could be just a clever advertising campaign run by NBC, to convince you to switch to cable.

  4. Serendipity is a beautiful gift.

    Also, what skyM said. :-)

  5. “With God all things ARE possible”

    That just about says it all. Follow your dreams, honey. Follow your passion. Follow that beautiful golden light in your heart and let your creative mind flow. Seek balance & responsibility with your love of life and it will all come to be. Believe in you and the rest will follow. Peacocks! What a beautiful sight! *hugs*

  6. Wow Christine, what a powerful message. Yours and the peacocks. The peacocks truly were a gift weren’t they?

  7. Yes, they were! And thank you to everyone for your inspirational messages, they are a gift, as well!

    @Shawno Lol ;-)

  8. Awesome. God is good! I love it when He talks like that. :)

  9. So wonderful! I love when we see God and His will in action. I love seeing others experience that as well. Thanks for sharing this with us. Hugs.

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