The New Media Workshop


Photo by Keith Burtis, Magic Woodworks


I used to enjoy spending time on the weekends watching “The New Yankee Workshop” with my Dad, who is a craftsman. Today I had an opportunity to see a live broadcast that reminded me of those happy memories. Except here, it’s more than woodworking—it’s also a friend bringing the social media community together through his art.

Artisan Keith Burtis is known for his beautiful woodturning work, which he showcases on his website. In crafting bowls, bottle stoppers, ornaments, and sculptures, he never fails to surprise his viewers by bringing out the hidden personality of wood.

What’s interesting about Keith is the way he blends the age-old craft of woodworking with the modern tools of the internet. He is an active member of the social media community, and recently spoke about “Creativity and the Arts” at PodCamp Boston 3. He also hosts a live woodturning show on BlogTV. Viewers can spend a fun hour watching Keith turn a hunk of wood into a collectors item, while sharing a conversation with him and others through the chat feature. And once the show is over, fans can buy Keith’s work from his MagicWoodworks Etsy shop.

This weekend, Keith is hosting an event that he calls The Woodturner’s Weekend. Through Sunday, July 27th, he will be dedicating his live broadcasts to the achievement of a special goal.

I invite you to tune in tomorrow and join the fun, as an old-world art comes to life in the hands of a new media craftsman.

I’ll see you there!


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  1. It was great watching Keith in his workshop.

  2. The samples above are amazing! And I have to say that the presentation Keith is giving utilizing an array of social media tools is certainly unique. (I won’t be able to view tomorrow. But I’ll stop on by for a closer look soon enough).

  3. @Zack Yes, that was fun!

    @Ribeezie Very true, Keith’s doing a great job promoting the arts through social media. :-)

  4. That actually sounds kinda neat. :)

  5. Yes, it’s fun! The last show in this series is in one hour, 4pm New York time. :-)

  6. Hi Christine! Thanks for coming to visit! I’ve always been an admirer of your work! I loved reading your inspirational blog! Creative Blessings, Lisa :)

  7. **HUGS** Thank you, Lisa! And I love your work, it’s so beautiful!

  8. Love your illustrations!

  9. :-D

  10. Christine,
    keith is a successful person who shows us the excellent skill. With the passion , one can do something wonderful.
    Nice post that I enjoy reading now, have a nice day, christine.

  11. Thank you, coolingstar9–you’re right, “with passion, one can do something wonderful.” Have a great day, too!

  12. I’m so disappointed I missed this. I love his work. We need to get him to announce on Plurk too. :D
    Teeg :)

  13. :-D Yes, that’s true!

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