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Works in progress, pencil drawings, things with no particular category—enjoy.

December 7, 2007

TITLE: “Titania”

MEDIUM: Pen-and-ink on Bristol paper

SIZE: ACEO 2 1/2 in. x 3 1/2 in.

I began this as a pencil drawing, using a reference photo I had taken of my sister. (No, her ears are not really that pointy.) Her confident expression inspired me to draw a warrior-type character from mythology. Then, after I read of the Fairy Queen Titania in Shakespeare, I decided to name the work after that. Titania’s stormy personality creates real storms in the sky; and in this work, the air has a definite sense of “storm” about it. Her expression, also, is most definitely queenly. This original piece is in the collection of my sister; but I like the composition, so I may use it as the reference for a colored version to sell.


October 6, 2007

TITLE: “Math”

MEDIUM: Soft graphite pencil on card stock

SIZE: 8 x 6.5 in.


I was practicing my drawing skills today with a drawing of my sister. While she studied her math, I quickly sketched out a gesture drawing, wanting to capture her pose before she moved. I made some adjustments on the fly, since she did, in fact, move. But I was happy with the resulting composition. Once the gesture drawing was set, I finished it with more detail, but still tried to keep some of the spontaneity of the original work. Soft pencil on textured paper just makes me want to sit and draw all day. :):)


September, 2007

TITLE: “Storming”

MEDIUM: Ink and watercolor on Bristol paper

SIZE: ‘OSWOA,’ 4 x 5 in.


Finally completed! Sometimes they have to sit on my drawing table for a while. Then they just pop out at me, and what I’ve been staring at for two months can be finished in a day. In this one, an angel weathers a raging storm by turning toward the Light. It’s something we can all do.

“Storming” 4×6 WIP by mousewords


TITLE: “Storming”

MEDIUM: Graphite pencil and Ink on smooth Bristol paper

SIZE: ‘OSWOA,’ 4 in. x 6 in.

STATUS: WIP–Work In Progress

This Work-In-Progress gives an example of how I normally work–I began with a pencil drawing, and am currently in the process of inking it. When this piece is completed, I’ll start a “WIP” page, where the creation of the drawing can be seen, step by step. This piece is an “OSWOA,” Original Small Work Of Art, which are the size of post cards.


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