Art Gallery

I’m combining my “Art” and “Gallery” pages into one page, “Art Gallery.” This has bothered me for quite some time, looking at it up there. Now that I’m getting it organized, I can do all the way-cool stuff with these pages that I’ve been meaning to.

Watch this space! —> X

Done watching? Okay. Now how about browsing through the pages of my ART GALLERY? Grab a latte, here we go. (Yes, you’re allowed to bring drinks in here, you’re just not allowed to spill them.)

Gallery of Castles ~~~ Castles are some of my favorite subjects—both real and ones in my imagination. I invite you to visit this gallery and take a tour through the castles of the realm…

Gallery of Fantasy ~~~ From classic fairy tales to thrilling adventure scenarios, with a touch of Renaissance fashions and a population of mystical beings, the realm of fantasy awaits.

Gallery of Fairies ~~~ Did you ever wonder what the world would look like if you were merely a couple inches high? Or try to figure out how one would sleep on their back if they had delicate wings? Can one apple feed a village for a month? How, precisely, should you draw light and shade on a figure study when the figure glows from within? These are the questions that keep my days occupied. Art allows me to visit a world with no boundaries and explore it to my heart’s content.

Gallery of Mermaids ~~~ Long before Walt Disney Pictures popularized the world under the sea (um, wait a minute, maybe not THAT long before) my childhood was filled with a fascination for mermaids. I think it’s the beauty of ocean life; or the fantasy of having the freedom to explore the mysteries of the sea, uninhibited. Plus, I have to admit…I really, really liked drawing green hair.

Gallery Victoriana ~~~ I love—really, I mean this—I love Victoriana. I love the era, the fashions, the fascination of the industrial revolution compared with elegant customs of the time. I love the art of the period, bold linework accented by soft washes in an illustrative style. This is my version of a time long past.

On the Drawing Board ~~~ I am, first and foremost, a sketcher. I love pencil work, and I love to draw. Plus, I love to take archaeological expeditions into how a piece was made. So I invite you to stop in this gallery and do the same.