You’ll be finding plenty of these acronyms on my blog pages. I’ve gotten so used to using them that I say them out loud in conversations with people. When I get a blank stare of confusion from those listening, then I realize that I need to explain myself. Many of them are art related, others have their origins in computer terminology or on eBay. Sit back, relax, and let me take you on a tour of this Glossary of Acronyms.

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This stands for “Artist’s Cards Editions and Originals.” ACEOs are original art or artists’ printed editions that are 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches–the size of baseball or trading cards. ACEOs have their history in “ATCs,” or “Artist’s Trading Cards,” which are original works of this size that are traded among artists, not sold. The desire to purchase original art in this fun and collectible format led to the birth of ACEOs on eBay.

Now, they have become a world-wide trend with artists and collectors alike. For artists, the small format inspires whimsy and creativity, and challenges their abilities. For collectors, the excitement lies in being able to collect original work from a wide variety of artists. It’s a fun trend for all to share!

Typing “ACEO” in the eBay search engine will display thousands of artists’ offerings to browse through. As both an artist and a collector of these miniature pieces, I welcome you to take a glance!

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A trademarked acronym, OSWOA stands for “Original Small Works of Art,” and describes original artists’ works or the original first print of a photography or digital art edition, in the size of 6 inches by 4 inches. OSWOA have the dimensions of postcards and photographs, so—like ACEOs—it’s very easy to find frames, albums, and other displays for this collectible artwork. A search for “OSWOA” on eBay will display an increasing number of these enjoyable art pieces. And yes, I collect them, too!

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A broad category, SFA means “Small Format Art,” and includes any artistic creation that is no more than 14 inches in any one direction. This describes many things, from handmade beads to canvas paintings. Small Format Art is an exciting way for an artist to express ideas; and it’s also wonderful for collectors, who often find smaller artwork to be accessibly affordable. A search for “SFA” on eBay shows a wide variety of artists’ offerings.

SFA celebrates the innovation and talent of artists. As a collector, I can appreciate the intricate details that artists put into their works!

There will be more acronyms added to the Glossary in the days to come.  Oh, and ROFL? That’s what I do when I catch myself saying these things out loud to people: Roll On the Floor Laughing

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